Allow me to introduce a special version of the She-Ra Strength Blog that you’ll see pop up now and again. She-Reads is meant to be a compilation of links - articles and videos mostly, that I’ve found and think are worth passing on to you. Don’t feel compelled to click them all. Pick the ones that you find of interest. Sharing is caring and knowledge is power.

We’ve been busy here this weekend with the Nashville snowstorm. It’s been beautiful and magical and messy all at once, and now the roads are shit. I saw some spectacular birds at Radnor Lake, where hardly anyone could get to, and I got to read some stuff this weekend. Because with the snow comes stillness and a lot of restaurant and business closures. I also wasted time on Amazon buying cool bras and adult coloring books. But anyways ...from the snowy desk of this princess, here are some things you might want to check out. But first, look at how damn beautiful the lake is covered in snow.

Does your diet need a reality check?

It very well might, says Coach Andrew Read. In his tough love sort of tone he’s here telling us how it is and giving us some common sense advice that’s worth clicking through. I dig this article and his straightforward approach.

Don't deadlift until you master THIS.

If you train with me you know I’m big on people not getting injured. It’s not worth jumping into movements we aren’t ready for if we don’t have basic patterning. I recently found Alan Thrall on the youtubes and really am digging his videos. This one goes through the RDL - a movement that I would agree, is key to mastering before giving anyone a loaded barbell and expecting them to deadlift.

What do we know about athletics and going gluten free? 

A little more than we thought. I have had a lot of clients ask me if they should go gluten free. Well, like I say all the time, it depends. Many people are quick to jump the gun though and beat gluten up and blame gluten on all their health problems without a lot of evidence as to why they are doing it. Read that article linked above from The New York Times to see what the small study they discuss showed. Overall this seems to be the consensus: “we did not find a beneficial or negative effect of a gluten-free diet for athletes who had no clinical necessity for the diet.”

That's all I've got for this weekend ya'll. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal, non ice bound life, this week. If there are topics you're interested in and things you'd like to see included in these brief and random blog with links, send me a message and I'll do what I can. Rock on, read on, and get your share on.