Pee Yourself Laughing in 2016.

In 2015 I read a lot of posts about people peeing themselves while deadlifting, jumping, squatting, running. You name the activity and yes, someone might have leaked. Missiles were fired on both sides of this argument, back and forth, all over the interwebs. Physical Therapists and Gynecologists weighed in. Videos of gals wiping up pee from powerlifting platforms were shared, anonymously or not. I even put together a workshop last year about pelvic floor health and what’s normal. It’s an important issue - and men can have pelvic probs too - they just talk about it less. To pee or not to pee? That is the question.

Worth noting, you don’t have to pee when you lift. And a kegel might not be the answer. But I don’t want to write about that right this second. That post has been written already, in multiple places. Like here and here

I’m clumsy. I’m strong and athletic - sometimes graceful. My pelvic floor is on fleek. But I’ve got bruises a lot of the time. Just from normal living. The other day I fell over trying to unzip a boot and I was on the ground laughing so hard I thought I might pee a little. I didn’t pee FYI, (on fleek I said), but it made me think - about lifting weights and life lessons I fell into in 2015.

Weight lifting has given me confidence, patience, real good glutes, and perspective. It’s given me purpose and become a conduit for me to reach people and help them grow. It’s given me a creative outlet to think and to make programs for people that kinda rock. It’s helped me deal with lymes disease and crawl out of a scary dark place. It gets me excited and amped a lot of the time. It’s made me a strong strong person, both inside and out.

Lifting demands our focus, our commitment, and our willingness to show up and be present. Even for shitty workouts. The kind where you’d better be able to laugh about it or you’ll cry yourself out of of the gym and into your room where you decide you aren’t going to keep at it, because why even? Lifting has taught me that laughing so hard I want to pee a little, is maybe the most important lesson to take away from it all. Because if I’m working out and not enjoying the process what am I even doing? And so goes the list of other things in life that laughing applies to. Things can get heavy. Both weights and life’s weighty issues. I’m still working on not taking some things so seriously. (If you’ve seen my bratty self lose a game of pool, you know what I mean.) There is a time for resolve and practicality - but if I don’t bring a sense of wonder and a light heartedness to the gym or anywhere else, it’s likely I won’t succeed or be happy doing it.

I plan to bring you blogs, videos and workshops in 2016 via She-Ra Strength and it's Unicorn Power. Food stuff, lifting, grip stuff, glute stuff, life stuff. I’ll sprinkle in a few laughs. My hope for you in the New Year is that you have fun doing what you’re doing. That training makes you happier and you let it teach you as much as it has taught me. That if you start lifting you approach it with a positive mindset, like it’s a fun game, and you don’t ever quit. That you don’t take it so seriously you blow through your pelvic floor muscles and pee while you’re lifting. That you stay injury free and maybe pee your pants because shit got so funny you just couldn’t help it, but not because you were too serious.