What's It Like to Do A Grip Competition?

You might have gotten a different impression from me, but I don't always like competitions. They make me nervous. They make me feel insecure. I have perfectionist tendencies that make me want to stay far far way from the things I'm not good at. This is something I have been working on slowly, over the past few years. With compassion directed at myself, I've made progress. Most importantly - I've learned that in every situation I can put myself in where I feel vulnerable and scared, the opposite of what I think is going to happen actually occurs. I think I'll appear clueless, look silly, and leave somewhat wounded. But this is where the magic happens. Every time I let myself be vulnerable and put it all out there - I end up feeling more powerful and appearing stronger and more inspiring to everyone watching. 

If there is a lesson here it's a big one. And it's been beautifully summed up by Mark Fisher and probably others that are better with words than me. Here goes: 

Fear is the Cockblocker of Dreams.

And it is, isn't it? So why did I make this little video? I have had several people ask me what it's like to do a grip competition. I have some clients who want to compete and don't know where to start. It seems scary. It's not - it's actually pretty fun. And I hope more and more women and others who have been tentative about it decide to try. You've got nothing to lose. For the week leading up to the Arizona Cactus Grip Shootout (next Saturday!) I'm going to make some videos talking about the prep and then shoot some footage of the actual competition. Here's video numero uno!