Date: 4/28/18   
Time: 12pm - 5pm
Where: Coleman Community Center
For: Women + Female Identified participants only
Cost: $75.00* 

*If financial reasons are the only reason you are unable to attend please EMAIL ME! 


what is Powerful Boundaries?

Powerful Boundaries is an event that brings together women looking to expand on and define their understanding of boundaries, self defense, and safety in a changing world. This is for you if you are interested in change, growth, and the world around you.

You'll hear from 3 very different women, coming together and merging their expertise to empower individuals so that they can bring thoughtful conversations back to their families and communities. We will all talk about issues near and dear to our hearts and collectively have conversations about boundaries and how we define them. 

what is the Agenda?

11:45 AM: Check In

12:00PM: Erin Brown: Opening Remarks + Boundaries 

1:00PM: Maria Bascetta: Grounding, Self Defense Drills + Body Talk Boundaries

2:30PM: Break ... Snacks will be provided

3:00PM: Tig Washington: Situational Awareness + Firearm Safety 

4:30PM: Erin Brown: Closing

meet the Instructors


Marchelle "Tig" Washington

I am"Tig" Washington, owner of Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction. I started this  company in 2016 because I noticed a lack of representation in the gun community. I would see women coming into the range where I worked and feel extremely uncomfortable while their significant other attempted to teach them about firearms.

Sometimes it's hard to believe you can do something until you see someone who looks like you in that position. 

My firearms background stems from the military. I was in the Army National Guard for seven years and became a pistol instructor when I left the military in the summer of 2016. I fell in love with shooting while working a local Atlanta gun range. I've learned a lot about firearms in the last few years but I would never consider myself an expert. I've always been a student first. 

My end game is to effectively teach a million women how to shoot before I leave this realm. I also plan to open my own gun range. As a domestic abuse and sexual assault survivor, I think it's important that women feel like they're in control of their safety. I'm just here to empower women and make sure that no one else becomes a victim. 


Erin Brown

I am an author, speaker and activist from Lawrence, Kansas. My work is trauma informed and focuses on women and autonomy, which includes positive body image, authentic narrative, and a bit of rebellion.

I aspire to live big. To live in my body without fear or shame. To use my voice passionately in alignment with my own values. To take wonderful care of myself for the sole reason that I deserve great care. 

I aim to be the kind of woman I want my daughter to look up to. I share my journey to help other women face their own altars of self-deprecation. As these "rules" work so well only because we agree to them, practice them and teach them in our homes. 

Revolution through exploration of self. Living by values of our own choosing. Challenging one another to do the same. 

The way forward is in. I hope you'll join me. 

Maria Bascetta HR RT-25(1).jpg

Maria Bascetta

I am a strength coach with 14 years of coaching experience, but I am first and always a student of strength. 

My gym, The Southern Squeeze, opened in May of 2017 and I could not be more in love with my life, coaching people to believe in themselves and watching them define what they want to be. This gym is a magical and beautiful place where fitness is fun, inclusive, and positive. We encourage autonomy. We don't body shame. I won't comment on how your body looks.

My role as a coach is to guide you - not tell you what to do. I believe that access to fitness and strength training empowers people and inspires them to live fuller and richer lives. I want to help as many people as I can with the gifts that I have been given. Fitness is for everyone. I envision and am committed to helping build a world where everyone has equal opportunity to embrace their strength and power.

I am certified through NASM, StrongFirst, FMS Level 2, Original Strength, and hold an M.S. in Health Promotion Management and Nutrition, and a graduate certificate in Nutrition Counseling.


Is this event pro gun?

No. We will explore the use of firearms as it relates to our boundaries and our safety.

As Tig has said before: "I don't care for the term 'pro-gun' because that label is associated with other labels that don't fit my life. I think that's why many black and brown people are so resistant to learning about firearms to defend themselves. You can like guns and be pro-choice. You can like guns and be agnostic. You can like guns and not associate with the NRA. You don't have to fit any box or fall under any label. Be free to think for yourself."

Will I have to shoot or handle a real firearm?

No! At the event we will have replica plastic guns for Tig's segment. You will not have to participate in this section if you don't want to and there will not be any real guns at the workshop. 

There is a possibility though that Sunday, the 29th, Tig will be instructing at a range nearby. This is not confirmed and this will be updated. 

What if these topics make me uncomfortable but I kind of want to come?

We encourage you to come. Erin is a trauma informed presenter and will be there to support all of us should these topics be emotional or potentially triggering. 

what should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes. There will be some moving around but nothing strenuous!

Do I have to be in shape to attend?

No! This will not be an exercise event. Though we will discuss fitness and move around with some self defense drills, Maria is adept at scaling any movements should the need arise and there is zero pressure to perform.