Colorful. Strong. Badass.

That’s what we are. And that's what you are. We care about helping you reach your goals—whatever those are.


We’re not here to get you “ripped.”


We don’t care how “toned” you are.


And we definitely don’t care what the scale says when you step on it.


Before joining The Squeeze, many of us were…

  • Not confident in our physical abilities

  • Totally lost at the gym

  • Not making progress


Sound familiar?
We get it. We’ve been there.

But we found something better…

Rico at The Southern Squeeze.jpg
Since being at the gym for three months now, I feel like a new man! I have more energy. My wife can definitely see the difference in my physique. I feel stronger than ever before.
— Jonathon M.

We’ll help you reach your goals, but we won’t do it from the sidelines.

We’ll be right there with you.

We’ve forged a community here. We’d call it a family, but you don’t know us, and we don’t want to sound too weird.

As gym members we strengthen and challenge each other — we are a community that is committed to becoming stronger inside as well as outside the gym. Maria’s programming has had a a positive affect on my fitness goals. I’m getting physically stronger but feeling it in other areas of my life as well. Win. Win.
— Rico M.

We promise you:

  • You’ll get coaches who actually know what they’re talking about

  • Your workout will adapt to your level, wherever that is

  • You’ll have a fan club (us) to encourage you the whole way

We want you to feel good about where you’re at while you’re working toward where you want to be.

Sound good?



-Maria Bascetta HR RT-3.jpg

Maria Bascetta

Fit Pro Credentials: 15 years coaching experience, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, M.S. in Health Promotion Management and Nutrition, FMS Level 2, SFG 1, FRCms, Original Strength, Indian Club Specialist, Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Counseling.

How can I help you: I'll teach you that strength is a skill you must practice. I'm here to make sure this gym is supportive and that you are guided safely. Proper progressions, regressions, and form are all important in our space. I want you to work hard and hit all your goals!

Fit Pro Advice: 3 x 52. If you're a beginner, shoot for 3 times per week of fitness for a year—the type doesn't matter. Just show up. 

Southern Squeeze

Molly Morris

Fit Pro Credentials: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, FRCms, FRA, SFG 1

How can I help you: We are LITERALLY made to move. Knowing where to begin and actually getting started are the hard parts. I want to help you make “working out” a habit for life and to show you how to prep your body to safely do ANYTHING. ( except fly, haven’t figured that out yet, will keep you posted.)

Fit Pro Advice: Hire a coach. Learn how to lift heavy things properly. View your workouts as practices and find a coach that pumps you up, never judges, and keeps you accountable to your goals. AND roll around on the floor more. 

Jess at The Southern Squeeze Nashville

Jess Williams

Fit Pro Credentials: SFG 1, Steel Mace Level 1, Certified Wellness Coach

How can I help you: Your body is a vessel for who you are. Knowing how to move well, appreciating where you are today, and looking toward the future all play a part in the overall picture. You are your biggest obstacle. I’ll help you move yourself out of the way to live a healthy, mobile, strong, full life.

Fit Pro Advice: Know that when you start, you have to remain consistent. Changes don’t happen overnight. Find goals that are non weight related and move the needle one day at a time. Set your intentions, communicate them, and be accountable for them.